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Vera "Vee" L. (I prefer Vee)
United States
-----------• • A L L | A B O U T | M E • •--------------

- Name: Vera (nobody names their kids that anymore T_T), or Vee. Preferably Vee. Although I’ve been given A LOT of weird nicknames by my friends… Like ‘Abner’ and ‘Arnold Arms’ (because Mitch says I have very muscular arms XDDD)
- Single or taken: Taken
- Sex: Female
- Birthday: March 3rd
- Sign: Picese
- Hair color: Dark brunette, with natural hazel highlights, ‘cause I’m in the sun a lot :3 (although my hair was once candy apple red – and I’ve been considering giving myself green and pink highlights)
- Eye color: Brown. Very, very brown lol
- Height: 5'10" (I’m the tallest woman in my family)
- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: I’m a lifelong bisexual – and proud of it >:D

-----------• • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • •--------------

- Favorite place to shop for clothes?: Anywhere really, although JC Penney rocks my socks :XD: (and I also like Hot Topic lmao)
- Favorite designer?: I like smaller, less known designers, because they’re less mainstream and more unique – I don’t buy into the whole ‘being like everyone else to be considered fashionable thing’… I’M A NON-CONFORMIST, MAH BABIES! :w00t:
- What is your sexiest outfit?: Hm, I have to say anything low-cut and anything above the knee… Because I get a lot of those ‘hey, baby’ looks :XD: - and my black pumps with pink, blue and yellow stitching, ‘cause they are made of win :D
- What is your most comfortable outfit?: Either my black dragon tee (the one I almost always draw myself wearing) or my Jersey Devil’s hockey tee with my pink and blue plaid PJ pants ;P
- What do you usually wear?: A tee, baggy jeans, one of my pairs of converses, and fancy jewelry :D

--------------• • S P E C I F I C S • • -------------------

- What kind of shampoo do you use?: I use both Pantene and Head and Shoulders together, because it keeps my hair super-clean longer, and makes it soft and shiny ^^
- What are you listening to right now?: “What Have I Done to Deserve This?” by The Pet Shop Boys – that song is totally made of win :headbang:
- Who is the last person that called you?: My great aunt Brenda, I think… We were talking about how ‘the heat is such a bitch’ XDDD
- How many buddies are online right now?: ?_? Uh, none, probably. We’re never online at the same time DX – GAH, I NEED A LAPTOP!!!!!!!!

-------------• • F A V O U R I T E S • •-----------------

- Food: Cheeseburgers x3
- Girls' names: Margot (what I’d like to name my future daughter XD), Matilda, Lydia, Heather
- Boys' names: Adrian and Gabriel (what I want to name my future sons lol)
- Subjects in school: Art, World/American/European Literature (yes, in high school we focused on different parts of the world each year), Science, Algebra (yes, I like algebra lmao), Health Occupations (that was the 3-year vo-tech I did where we trained to become Nurse’s Assistants)
- Animals: Cats, dogs, foxes, wolves, rabbits, fish, birds, whales, cows, farm animals in general, ELEPHANT SHREWS, rats – all animals x3

----------------• • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • •-------------

- Given anyone a bath?: Sort of. You do a lot of not-so-fantastic things as a Nurse’s Assistant :o
- Smoked?: Nooooo. I’m not a complete moron, I actually care about my health >:[
- Bungee jumped?: Not yet, but I want to. My friend Chuckie invited me to watch him skydive at the airport where my grandfather’s old airplane is, and it made me want to try it so much :airborne:
- Made yourself throw up?: No – but almost :XD:
- Skinny dipped?: No, I have self-respect :mwahaha:
- Ever been in love?: Yes, I am right now! :love:
- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: No, I’m very charismatic, so I can talk my way out of trouble – plus people always view me as the “good girl” :plotting:
- Pictured your crush/bf/gf naked?: Sure, who wouldn’t? =^.^=
- Actually seen your crush/bf/gf naked?: Yup :boogie:
- Cried when someone died?: Yeah, pretty much every time someone I knew died V_V
- Lied: When I was younger, yeah – now I’m more morally-conscious lol
- Fallen for your best friend?: Not really, no
- Rejected someone?: Yeah, a few really perverted psychos that thought I would willingly be their possession :stfu:
- Used someone?: Yeah, unfortunately – most of my exes >_>
- Done something you regret?: Who hasn’t? They wouldn’t be human if they didn’t :O_o:

------------• • C U R R E N T • •--------------

- Clothes: My favorite pair of shorts (which keep falling down, because I apparently lost weight and didn’t know O.O), a blue low-cut tank top (hey, my girls need to breathe XD), and a pair of mismatched socks – mismatched because I punctured the sole of my right foot and I’ve been keeping the bandaging in place with a sock… which I haven’t changed since the other night :P
- Desktop picture: It’s been a pointillist screenshot of Leon S. Kennedy’s shoulder and the cop who drives the Land Rover in Resident Evil 4 (THE GAME, which is far superior than any movie they could ever make of it) since 2006 :lmao:
- CD in player: Um… I dunno if I put one in there… But the last thing I DID have in there was America’s Greatest Hits (the band, not the lame-ass country I live in lol)
- DVD in player: Resident Evil 2 (I’ve been storing it in there since 2006 – ‘cause I usually just use the player in the living room, I don’t watch a lot of movies in my room XD)

----------------• • L A S T | P E R S O N • •----------------------

- You touched: My mom – she was so deep in sleep, the only way I could wake her up to finish eating dinner was to shake her arm :aww:
- Hugged: My cat, Moody. I’m not huge on hugging people anymore (~ except Sarah and Brenda c: ~), ‘cause it makes me feel vulnerable, and that’s something I’m not comfortable with any longer
- You kissed: None of your business :XD:
- You IMed: Either Brit, Sarah, or Jon – I don’t IM a lot right now :lmao:
- Talk to online: I think it was BloodCross
- You sexed it up with: Again, that is none of your business – only the people who I know keep their mouths shut know the answer to that question XDDD

---------------• • A R E | Y O U • •---------------------

- Understanding: Yes, a lot more so than most people I’ve ever known :cuddle:
- Open-minded: I’m the most open-minded person I know :O_o: - I don’t judge, I don’t force people to think like me (although people tend to get mad at me when they realize I was right), and I’m willing to try almost anything once. Almost anything.
- Arrogant: No, I’m pretty humble. The only time I ever act pompous is occasionally when I get going about my I.Q. being 137 :lmao: (I really don’t mean to, it just happens :c )
- Insecure?: Extremely rarely. It takes a lot to make me feel like that, because I’m a very confident person – and with good reason ;P
- Random?: Sometimes – I usually have to be very hyper first, tho – like the time I was so sugar-high I laughed hysterically for 15 minutes at the word “pink” :lmao:
- Hungry: Not really.
- Smart: Yes, my I.Q. doesn’t lie :nerd:
- Moody: Only when I have PMDD
- Organized: Sort of, sort of not. You would think not, considering my room’s a disaster area, but</I> I know where everything is, and it’s arranged a certain way :XD:
- Shy: Not anymore. I used to, like, never talk in school (because I was trying to be attentive), but now I’ll talk to anyone I meet anywhere – I’d be that weirdo on the street corner chatting it up with a drunk hobo :giggle:
- Difficult: If I know something to be absolutely, undeniably true and another person refuses to believe me (when I was a kid, I was a silent scapegoat, so it’s understandable) – doesn’t matter tho, ‘cause they eventually find out I was right :lmao:
- Bored easily: No, unless it’s something that doesn’t stimulate me intellectually – seriously, I have what’s been dubbed as the “bored genius syndrome”
- Obsessed: With lots of stuff - TRAVIS lol, Resident Evil (the games, mostly), Coraline, Korea and Japan, anime, animals, jewelry, designing things, et cetera lol
- Angry: Rarely
- Happy: Virtually all the time – I’m the poster child of optimism
- Hyper: Sometimes – it depends on who I’m with, what’s going on, and how much sugar/caffeine I’ve had :lmao:
- Trusting: Very, because I know exactly who I can/can’t trust

------------------• • R A N D O M • •---------------------

- In the morning I: Go to bed (‘cause I’m usually up until 7am, or so)
- Love is: The most wonderful and magical thing that ever happened to me :love:
- I dream about: A lot of seriously odd symbolism – like one recently where I dreamed an creepy alternative ending to Coraline that left it open for a sequel :O_o:
- Sexual preference: Doesn’t matter – it’s all good :XD:
- What do you notice first in the opposite sex: The facial features. I’m good at subconsciously reading people’s expressions and you can learn a lot from their body language/expressions

---------------• • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • ---------------

- Coke or Pepsi: I drink more Coke than Pepsi, but I like Coke’s and Pepsi’s other soda brands slightly more than either of them lol
- Flowers or candy: Both c:
- Tall or short: Doesn’t matter, but I’ve tended to be with shorter people :lmao:

---------------• • W H O • • ---------------

- Makes you laugh the most: Lots of people, but Brit is definitely up there, along with halley42
- Makes you smile: Travis, Fantasy-and-Fiction and Dr-Angel23 especially
- Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: Travis – he is my one and only, after all :D

--------------• • D O | Y O U | E V E R • •-----------------

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: Hell, we’ve had a habit of staying up all night e-mailing each other! :date:
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: I’ve wondered what it would be like, but I’m fine with being a chick :flirty:
- Wish you were younger: A lot. Because I feel old T_T
- Cry because someone said something to you?: Yeah – people can really piss me off sometimes

-----------• • N U M B E R • •--------------

- Of times I have had my heart broken: Depends on how you look at it
- Of guys I've kissed: I’m pretty picky about who I do what with (because before Travis I really didn’t care much about anybody I was with), but 3
- Of girls I've kissed: 4 or 5 (my first kiss was from a girl)
- Of CD's I own: Hundreds ^_^ - I LURVE MY MUSIC!~:heart:
- Of scars on my body: A bunch – from childhood accidents, slicing my fingers open, burns, surgery, etc.

Current Residence: Wouldn't you like to know?
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite style of art: Etch
Personal Quote: "A is for 'check the trash"
  • Mood: Torment
  • Listening to: Johnny Rivers (I'm old school xD)
  • Reading: Messages/notes in both accounts
  • Watching: GREMLINS and Ernest &lt;3
  • Playing: a combo of different games x3
  • Eating: Crackers
  • Drinking: Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry soda :3

I was passing through the next town over, and as I was passing the shops that are scattered around there, I glanced over towards the familiar building where I always saw the Batman and Superman insignias glowing in the window at night, and it looks like they packed up and left in a hurry :no:.

WTF man, seriously. I don't go there for a while (because I'm flat broke most of the time), and they take off. WTF…

Damn it, that was the only comic shop anywhere around here that I actually liked going into. It was small, but it was so homey and inviting – and a lot better than the one that had been there previously. The old one, although it had some wicked awesome Batman stuff, was really… creepy. And it was run by this anti-social guy who literally never talked, and looked exactly like the living counterpart of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, except with glasses. I used to go there all the time to buy manga, but the guy creeped me out so much, I started having someone go there for me xD.

Then that guy took off and another comic shop moved in, and that one was sooooo much better. The guys running the place were huge DC fans (which is an automatic 'A for ~awesome~' in my book, and the place was just really alluring. Despite how small the place was, there was loads to look at, and it was a nice escape from all the antique and art shops in town – although art and antiques are big with me, obviously xD.

The owner was this really nice guy, who reminded me of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra put together, and, for whatever reason, gave me this mafia boss vibe xDD. He kinda creeped me out when I first met him, because the first time I walked in after he took the place over, he looked at me like I was some twelve-headed alien from a parallel universe… or like I was from Bizarro world xDDDD. Fortunately he seemed to warm up to me quickly, because every time I went in after that, he was always checking me out xDDDDD. It was a bit weird, considering he was probably at least twice my age, but he was nice, so who cares lol. Then when I started going in there frequently, he always had this group of guys in there playing cards and as soon as I walked in they would get quieter and just watch me the entire time I was looking around. And the owner would be constantly smiling at me. Like, ooookay lol. Considering I never saw any girls go in there, I guess they weren't used to girls coming in – least of which, girls with big boobs xD.

I kept thinking I was imagining the owner borderline-flirting with me whenever I was paying for stuff, but on Free Comic Book Day, he changed my mind about that when he slipped me an extra free comic when no one was paying attention – that was awesome, but so, so bizarre xDD.

Man, I'm gonna miss that place so much. I guess that a town so focused on antiquities and art doesn't have any room for a little place like that. Oh well, maybe another one will move in. I really hate looking for new comic stores… I don't know anyone who knows any of the local comic shops, so I end up having to travel around, which is annoying Dx. I seriously need to make some friends who are at my level of nerdishness, so I have someone to help me with these things lol. I have, literally, one nerdy friend – who lives in England. This just goes to show you, shows like Big Bang Theory aren't completely accurate when it comes to portraying nerd's social lives, because I seem to only be able to befriend/meet non-nerds xDD. At least I have a couple friends who like comics (to some extent…); Erin (in England lol), and Brit, who doesn't read comics, but she is a fan. She's actually the one who got me so into Spider-Man – I used to watch S-M as a kid, but I always liked The X-Men better xD. And she's the one who got me on this thing with calling Joker 'Slick J' lololol.

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